Welcome to Forestry Group Metsä-Marttila homepage!

Forestry group Metsä-Marttila is a local wood manufacturer operating within four municipalities in southern
Lapland. Our main fields of operation are forestry as well as varied recreative uses of forests.

Our Forestry group aims to increase the growth of forests with a focus on their natural well-being. The goal is to grow more quality wood and to engage in forestry also for the benefit of its stakeholders.

The forestry group was established with the forest resources of our family in 2014. The total area is approx. 2000 hectares, of which approx. 1500 hectares is growing forest. We practise responsible and lawful forestry in accordance with the guidelines of the forest management plan.

The debate on climate issues is a very current topic mainly concerning the calculation of carbon emissions; the common goal is to get closer to carbon neutral forest management and habitat.

According to the calculations of Sitra, the average amount of carbon dioxide produced by one person is approx. 10 tonnes (10,000 kg) per year and, correspondingly, when one hectare of well-growing southern Finnish forest sinks that amount of carbon a year, Metsä-Marttila forestry group has a carbon sink exceeding its own needs.

We rent carbon sink forest for you (approx. 2 hectares), who want to take responsibility for climate and future generations. This is a hassle-free and inexpensive opportunity to affect your own carbon footprint.

You can rent your own carbon sink for one hundred (100) euros a year, and for this you will also get a certificate. With this certificate you can prove your own share in the joint effort to combat climate change.

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